Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Mother's Day Gift from China

Mother's Day this year was so sweet.  Not only did I get all of the lovely gifts from Hannah, I got a gift from Andrew :).  It was really a gift for the whole family.  We were so excited to get an update with pictures and answers to some questions.  The stuffed dog and the book are items that we sent in his birthday package last summer.  These photos appear to have been taken at the foster home; so, we get a little taste of his living environment.  We also know from the update that he has a foster sister named Luo Yan.  It must be her feet that we see in the upper left hand corner of this first picture.  (We believe it is a girl because the name Yan means beautiful.)  Andrew looks so sweet in these pictures.  We are so looking forward to having him in our family. 

Here are the answers to some questions we asked: 
1)他知道自己将要被收养吗?Does he know he is being adopted? 知道YES,HE DOES.
2) 什么是他最喜爱的食物?他喜欢吃辣的吗?What are his favorite foods? Does he like spicy food? 这小孩不挑食,对于太吃辣的不行 HE IS NOT PICKY.HE CANNOT EAT TOO SPICY FOOD.

3)什么是他最喜爱的活动?What are his favorite activities? 旅游TRAVEL.

4)什么是他最喜欢的颜色?Does he have a favorite color? HE LOVES ALL COLORS.

5)他是否说一些英语? (我们在家里讲英语,但妈妈曾经住在中国过, 知道简单的中文Does he know any English? (As a family, we speak English, but Mama lived in China for a while and knows some Mandarin.)  不会NO,HE CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH AT ALL.

6)他是在学校吗?他喜欢学校吗?Is he in school? Does he like school? 不在学校,他喜欢学校
NO ,HE NEVER GO TO SCHOOL.BUT HE LOVES TO GO TO SCHOOL.  (We think this means that he would like to go to school.)

7他的朋友名字叫什么?Who are his friends?  罗妍LUO YAN、五一WU YI 、小蔷蔷 XIAO QIANG QIANG

8)他是否有和其他孩子一起在他的寄养家庭生活?Does he have other children living in the foster home with him?  他是与罗妍在一个寄养家庭HE AND LUO YAN LIVE IN A FOSTER FAMILY.  (The character for Yan uses a radical ( or a component) for girl and the character means "beautiful;" Andrew has a foster sister.)

9)什么事会让他不开心,怎么安慰他呢?When he is upset, what comforts him? 不开心的时候给他东西吃 10)什么事让他开心? What makes him happy? 有吃的有玩的他很开心  PLAY AND NICE FOOD WILL MAKE HIM HAPPY.

11)他现在的身高,体重,脚板长?What are An Fu Quan's current measurements?

身长HEIGHT:98cm  (38.5 inches; he was 36.2 inches last August)

胸围CHEST C:52 cm (20.4 inches)

头围HEAD C:51cm (20 inches)

脚长FEET LENGTH:15cm (5.9 or a size 8)

12)请问是否有安福泉最近的体检报告提供给我们,以便到美国更好的后续医疗。Do you have any updated medical information on An Fu Quan? Any updated information you can provide will help the physicians in the US plan for his care.   最近没有体检,除了先天性唇腭裂及隐睾,他的身体很健康的   NO UPDATE MEDICAL EXAM.HE IS HEALTHY EXCEPT HIS CLEFT LIP PALATE.

13) 安福泉在学校读书吗?他是否学习了一些知识?If An Fu Quan is in school, how is he doing? What kinds of things is he learning? 在家庭里学写数字  HE LEARNED SOME MATHS AT HOME.

It is a blessing to have a few answers now, and of course we'll have more questions to ask his caretakers when we meet him, but boy are we looking forward to talking to him. 

Thank you, Jesus, for taking care of Andrew.


Virginia said...

What a special Mother's Day gift! New photos, how exciting..and he looks so cute. Won't be long now!

Gin =)

Rachael Younger said...

I am so excited for you! I thought 9 mos was a long weight for my Peanut, you have been so patient waiting on the Lord's timing for Andrew.