Monday, May 28, 2012

Guiyang day 4 - Gotcha day!

David here - we are a little tired, so I will apologize up front if this doesn't come across very coherent :>)  What an amazing day we have had!  What an amazing God we serve!  Andrew was a little late getting to the Civil Affairs office, they arrivd around 3:00.  He walked in with his Foster parents and went over to where Hannah and Wu Yi were coloring.  Lois got some stickers out and he proceeded to put all the stickers on his shirt.  He seemed to recognize both of us, and with a little coazing from his foster parents started callng Lois "Mama" pretty quickly; he has also called me "Baba" as well.  He laughed and played with Lois, Molly and the girls while I filled out paperwork.  When it was time for his foster parents to leave he told them goodbye - he never once cried, or seemed upset that they were leaving.  Now, we know from everything we have read that this may not be a good thing, so we will keep this in the back of our minds and watch.  He has had so many caretakers over his short life, this may just seem like another transition to him.  You can pray with us that he will come to quickly realize that this is permanent; he now has a permanent, forever family ...

Molly has been a tremendous help in finding restaurants, ordering food and helping to watch Hannah - this would have been a much harder day without them.  We are so thankful that everything worked out for them to be here during this time.  Andrew was doing so well when we got back to the Hotel, that we went out for dinner, and he did great.

On an amazing note, ever since we got the email that Andrew wanted to know when we were coming to get him, Lois has wondered in the back of her mind, if the foster parents might be believers and were preparing Andrew for his new home.  Lois was able to talk with the foster parents today, getting information on Andrew, and it does appear that they are believers!  How amazing is that!  Apparently, Andrew played an angel in the church christmas play this past christmas :>)

One thing we have immediately noticed is that he loves to touch everything :>)  He has pushed every button in the Hotel room, multiple times, and has played with the phone, the camera, the computer ...  We have had to do an immediate "child" proofing of our room; something we haven't ever had to worry about with Hannah.  He and Hannah are now finally asleep, actually Andrew went to sleep pretty quickly, Hannah on the other hand ...  Well, that's a story for another time.  I know what you all really want to see are the pictures, so here they are :>)

On the way to the Guiyang Civil Affairs office
Andrew and Hannah playing with stickers

Brother and Sister :>)

Lois talking with the Foster parents

Playing with crayons
Us and the Foster parents

All the children (Hannah is already trying to direct Andrew)

Waitig for us in the room when we got back :>)

So there you have it.  We are now a family of 4 :>)  And life will never be the same again (nor would we want it to be :>)


Pam and Bob said...

thanks for posting. We were checking every hour since 8pm Guiyang time looking for a post.
Seems to have gone with little stress.
Had to laugh about Andrew touching everything...Welcome to our world! Looks like he will be your "busy" child.
Congratulations on your newest child's arrival ( even if he came in a car!)
Bob, Pam and Abbi

andrea said...

Congrats! What a day for you all. sounds like hannah is going to be a good sister to andrew. i will pray that andrew doesn't see you guys as "another caretaker" but that God will instill in his heart your HIS parents forever.

i can't wait to see your next post.


Pruiksma's Progress said...

so full of joy for you!!! Praising God!!!

Virginia said...

So thrilled for you all!! Wow, it sounds like you had an an amazing..and amazingly smooth day. Praise God.