Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hannah's School Year

It is hard to believe but Hannah's first year in preschool has come to an end.  We finished everything on Wednesday, May 16 with a picnic in the morning and a program in the evening.  It has been a great year.  Hannah has had two of the best preschool teachers in the world!  We are so thankful to Mrs. Ann and Mrs. Betty Ann.  Hannah will miss you next year.  Congratulations on your retirement Mrs. Betty Ann.  I thought I would give an overview of the year with some pictures since I was not very good at posting them throughout the year. 

Hannah loved her teachers, Mrs. Ann and Mrs. Betty Ann and they loved her too.  They loved to tell me stories about her.  The last incident took place last week.  The children were on the playground a day after a really big rainfall, and Mrs. Ann told the children if they splashed in the puddles, they would have to go sit on the bench.  Later, they found Hannah sitting on the bench and asked her why she was there.  She told them that she was walking around and saw was water splash; so, she put herself in time out.  Thanks, Ann and Betty Ann, for loving our Hannah.  She has blossomed under your care!   More than anything, we want to thank you for teaching her how much God loves her. 


The first day of school! 


 Here she is at the harvest party in October.  The children got to pick there own pumpkin...

and have a hay ride!  Hannah dressed up as Tinkerbell.


In November, there was a Thanksgiving Feast.  They sang "Pilgrims and Indian fish in the water..." a cute song we still sing around the house.  Hannah is here with with Mrs. Betty Ann and Mrs. Ann.

Hannah the Indian.

With Papa, Mama, and the Turkey.


In December, there was a Christmas program. 

Hannah with her Aunt Carisa at the Christmas party.


In January there was Doughnuts with Dad and Grandie ...

... and sports day!  War Eagle!


Hannah was the star student in February.  There was also a Valentine's Day party, but I forgot the camera that day.  Sorry!


Easter Party Egg Hunt took place in March.  Hannah was the number 9 and found all of her eggs very quickly.  She wanted to help the others find their eggs, but decided they should do it for themselves.

All of the egg hunters together. 


 In May we had Hannah's birthday party ...

The birthday girl!

... Muffins with Mom ...
... and the last day of school celebrations. 
We had chicken sandwiches, carrots and grapes, but the highlight for Hannah and David was barbacue potato chips.
There were also rides and face painting.

They actually did all of the painting of hands and feet and legs, but not the face because they wanted everyone to look pretty for the evening program. I don't have any pictures of that yet. We did video of the children singing. Hannah didn't sing, but she did play the air guitar. When Papa asked her why she didn't sing, she said she played the [air] guitar because no one else was doing it. I will get pictures from Aunt Carisa.

It was a great year!  We're looking forward to having some time off for the summer, but I'm sure Hannah will be ready to get back to school in the fall.

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