Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guiyang Day 7 - short and sweet

Hey, David here.  sorry we didn't post anything last night.  We are flying to Guangzhou today (Friday), and spent last night, after the kids went to bed, packing - our stuff had expanded to fill the entire room and took quite a while to coral back into the suitcases.  I'll write more from Guangzhou tonight, but a quick update.  We were able to get some pictures in front of the orphanage and a quick picture at the bus station (Andrew's finding spot).  Our guide was a little nervous as I took the picture, he told me to make it quick ...  Andrew had another somewhat brief meltdown on the way to the bus station (after the pictures at the orphanage), which, I guess, was to be expected ...  We got back to the hotel around 2:00, but didn't stop for lunch or a nap, so the afternoon was quite "interesting", but we made it through.  Again, we are so thankful for the playroom at this Hotel - it would have been a much more difficult trip without it ...  We spent about an hour at a nearby park, then ate noodles for dinner, then back to the park to relieve some energy (can you say, run, run run?)  It has occurred to me that the only real match for a pre-schooler's energy is another pre-schooler, and we have one of those :>)  OK, we need to go run a few errands before heading to the airport around 2:30 for our 5:30 flight (now what are we supposed to do with our pre-schoolers in the airport for 2 hours?  hmmmm ...).  If you have a chance to pray for us as we roam the airport and then fly to Guangzhou, we would really appreciate it.  The good news, is that Andrew doesn't appear to have motion sickness - though he does get quite restless ...

More later, we love and appreciate all of you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. This is Candis - from your part of the country. I met you at the Lifeline meeting where Lily was visiting.

I am so glad your time with Andrew is going well. I have been home with Harris since March 16 and he is doing well. I would like to get together with you all and let the boys have some play time (with Hannah of course!). I understand we will need to wait until some time has passed for Andrew's adjustment to his new home and family, but please do keep in touch. I am enjoying reading about your trip and seeing pictures of your sweet family.

Praying for all of you,