Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where in the world are David, Lois and Hannah?

David again.  Many of you have asked where we are travelling and where Hannah is, so we thought a few maps might be in order.  Here is a map of China:

And here I have blown up the east-central portion of the above map, so you can see Shanghai (on the coast, top right), Nanchang in the middle (capital of the province that Hannah lives in) and Guangzhou in the south on the coast (bottom middle, this is where the US Consualte is).

Finally, here is a map of Jiangxi.  We will be staying in Nanchang, but Hannah is currently living in Ji'an.  We are hoping to visit Hannah's orphanage in Ji'an sometime next week.

OK, that's enough geography and posting for one day ...  Good night (or good morning to you folks on the other side of the pond ...).


Chris and Christa Burbank said...

OHHHHH- I am so excited for you guys and we can not wait till your Gotcha Day with Hannah!!!! May God be with you as you travel and hopefully no surprises in traveling!!!!

Truly Blessed,
Christa(Ella Grace's mom)

Chris said...

Enjoying reading your updates and what God is doing and going to do! Praying!!!!