Saturday, May 27, 2017

Has It Really Been That Long?

Can you believe it has been seven years since we went to China to bring Hannah home? And five years since Andrew came home?  Oh my goodness!  So much has happened in those seven years!  Our home and lives have been transformed by these little people who aren’t so little any more.

We often thank God for how He used China to put our family together.  I (Lois) went there out of obedience prepared to never marry, but God sent David on trips with Harp’s Crossing (my sending church) which started a long series of emails ending in a wedding.  Then, He sent us back to China to bring Hannah and Andrew into the family.  What a joy and blessing it has been. 

Now God has let us return to China as a family to celebrate what He has done, and to let the children experience and enjoy their birth heritage.  They have been so excited over the past year as we have prepared for the trip that began last Wednesday.

Here are a few pictures from the past 2 days.  Yesterday we went to the Great Wall and today was Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the HuTongs:

Just arrived in Beijing
Mu Tian Yu section of the Great Wall of China

Tiananmen Square (with the Forbidden Palace in the background)

Rickshaw rides in the HuTongs

More to come later, when we are not so tired and have a few spare moments ...


Bill Bates said...

Thanks for sharing. His plan is amazing!

Susan Scott Ferrell said...

What amazing photos! Praying for you all every day! <3