Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 3 in Guiyang

Hello Everyone!  You will be happy to know that the VPN is up and running, which means, it's time for pictures and videos!  Not to overwhelm everyone, but I'll try and go back and chronicle our journey up to today with pictures :>)

I'll start with our lovely day at the Chicago Airport :>)

Hannah clowning around at O'Hare
Hannah and Papa in the Airport Children's Area

Hannah and Papa Flying the Plane

Hannah in the Stewardess' Seat
 From Chicago we headed to Hong Kong and had a lovely stay at the Regal Hotel at the HK airport.  Actually, the room was very comfortable, the breakfast was nice and the location was certainly convenient ...

Hannah in the airport terminal with the Regal Hotel in the Background

Hannah, 2 years ago at the same window in the HK airport - what a difference 2 years makes!
From Hong Kong, it was off to Guangzhou and finally on to Guiyang.  Below are some pictures from the bird and flower market (our first full day in Guiyang).

Hannah playing with the puppies
One of many alleys at the market (that's all kinds of dried bird seed on the right, fishing tackle on the left)

One of many fish stores with live plants (I was really wishing we had something like this at home :>)
Live Plants

Dried herbal medicines on the right, furniture on the left
Hannah and Mama in front of the water-feature shop.
Walking back to our Hotel after dinner at the "Pizza Fun" restaurant.
Hannah's preferred mode of transportation these days :>)

Yesterday we went to Qianling Park (aka "Monkey" Park) - and now you know why :>)

Jenny, one of the exchange students from last summer was the one who took us to the park.

Lois' former Chinese teacher, Molly, and her 6 year old daughter Wu Yi also went with us.
Hannah, Lois, Molly and Wu Yi

The whole group at the lake in the park.
 A couple of pictures of the girls.

And the big girls :>) 

Enjoying a local Guiyang delicacy, grilled tofu, mmmm, tasty :>)  (actually, it was pretty good - the cups contain dried, powdered hot peppers for dipping the tofu in).

Qianling Lake
 I leave you with a video of one of the camels from the top of th mountain - apparently this one was done given rides for the day :>)

This time tomorrow, we will be a family of 4!  We are leaving the Hotel at 2PM and should meet Andrew at 2:30 (that will be 2:30 AM EDT on Monday morning US time).  Then there is about 2 hours of paperwork that has to be completed tomorrow (ughhhh, more paperwork).  Please pray for Andrew (and us), we are not sure if he was moved back to the orphanage or if he is still with his foster family.  By God's grace, tomorrow will be the last disruption he should have to face ...  But what a disruption that will be.  He is about to leave everything he knows and understands.  He'll have a new family, new language, new culture, new country.  We know that these are good changes, but it's got to be really scary for such a little guy.  Please pray that he will quickly learn to feel safe and secure with us, and pray that we will have wisdom to know how to help him feel safe and secure.


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Thanks for all of the updates and wonderful photos. Hope you're having a wonderful time..Hannah looks like she's really enjoying yourself and I can't get over how much she's grown and how long her hair is getting. I'm praying for a wonderful day tomorrow as you meet Andrew.

Gin =)