Thursday, June 03, 2010

This is Lois. I just wanted to give a quick post to say we had a very good, but long day as we visited the orphanage. We got to meet the director, Hannah's nanny, and her friends. We took pictures, but David hasn't felt well again all day; so, he has rested since we got back and hasn't downloaded the pictures. Hannah was tired of being cooped up in the van all day; so, shortly after returning from the orphanage, I went with Helen and the Varne family to Walking Street, Pizza Hut and a dancing fountain show. We had a good time, but Hannah was so tired when we got back that she actually led me to her crib so that she could go to bed. We found out today that she likes to play Paddycake and peek-a-boo and smiles whenever we play. I taught her to make the sign for "more" so that she doesn't have to grunt when she wants more of something. We heard her speak today! Her nanny told us that she can say a lot of words. She hasn't been using them with us, but today she said something in Chinese about "going" as we were going out to walking street. She has a deep voice. She is also getting more and more to attached David. Every time he went to the breakfast bar this morning, she would watch for him until he came back. I am going to stop there because I am one tired mama. Thanks again for all of your prayers and encouraging emails and comments. We love you all.


Chris said...

David we are asking the Father to help you feel better! Lois and David so excited that she is talking and that she is connecting with you! Can't wait to meet her! Continuing to communicate with the Father!

Chris and Christa Burbank said...

Lois and David--we are so excited for you guys and Hannah is a cutie!!! We are praying for you guys and for great attachment!!!! We also hope that David gets to feeling better!!! Hope to see you all soon!!! Chris, Christa and Ella Grace Burbank(LIfeline)
PS--Tell Rebecca we said hello!!!!

Virginia said...

Wow, it sounds like Hannah is doing great! How wonderful that she's talking an playing games with you! God is good. Hope David is feeling better soon.

Gin =)