Sunday, June 06, 2010

A fashion queen in the making?

Hello All, David here. Lois is fast asleep, and I will be joining her very shortly :>) So this will be a quick post.

We thought we had a budding fashion queen on our hands, and it has now been confirmed :>) Here she is in her Chinese Qi Pao:

After we dressed her, we let her look in a mirror and she looked back at us and beamed a big smile - she loves new clothes and shoes, but that's a story for later.  After the group picture we came back to the room to change for the Botanical Gardens, and Hannah was very upset - I guess she was thinking she had just gotten this new outfit and would like to enjoy it a little longer ...  We did changer her over her cries of protest.  Tomorrow is a shopping day, I may be in trouble :>)

The botanical gardens were beautiful, though quite hot.  Here are a few pictures:

Tomorrow it's back to the medical clinic for a quick TB test read (thank you all for praying, to my untrained eye, it looks very negative to me), then off to a local shopping mall for some shopping (supposedly reasonable prices, we'll see ...).  Then a river boat dinner cruise tomorrow evening ...  Big day, so I better go get some sleep.  Have a great day of worship!


Anonymous said...

Quite a fashion statement!!!! Love the color. She and I will have to have our pictures made with our red Chinese outfits.
Enjoy the wonderful time as a family.


Virginia said...

She looks so beautiful in her little red QiPao with matching shoes, no less! Just 2 years old and already into wearing pretty clothes, watch out =). Just in time for the big Mall trip tomorrow, too. Again, that smile is enough to melt your heart! Ooohh the river boat cruise, we really enjoyed that. Have fun!

Gin =)