Saturday, May 29, 2010

Preparing a Place for Hannah

It took us longer than we thought, but we finally finished preparing a place in our home for Hannah. Her bedding is yellow with pink and butterflies on it; so we painted the walls pink and green. We've had a lot of fun picking out the bedding and the crib and the other items in the room. As I've worked on her room, I have thought a lot about John 14:2. Jesus told His disciples that He was going to prepare a place for them, and then He was going to return to get them.

I am including a picture of her crib which is not actually set up in her room. We have set it up in a corner in our room for the time being. We hope that being close to us will help her feel more comfortable.

I also wanted to include a few pictures from the two showers that were given for us. The first shower was given by my two sisters, Hazel and Harriet and my niece, Jodi. There were a lot of family and friends there. Here are pictures of the cake and decorations.

The second shower was given by some wonderful friends at our church, Harp's Crossing. The cake was in Chinese! The words on the four sides of the cake say: Mother, Father, Daughter, Family and the circle on top of the cake says Hannah.


Nicole said...

love her bedding!!!

Virginia said...

Beatiful crib and bedding. It's a good idea to have her in the same room with you for a while. Kerry still won't go to sleep without one of us with her. So it's Sunday morning in Nanchang, tomorrow is Hannah Day!! I'll be praying for a smooth introduction and quick bonding.

Gin =)