Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun with Molly and Wu Yi

(David here) We had a restful first night in China.  The bed was OK by Chinese standards - I've certainly slept on much "firmer" mattresses in China ...  I did comment to Lois this morning that I kind of felt like I was a piece of meat on a spit - I had to keep turning to keep from getting sore :>)  We both woke up around 2:30, but were able to get back to sleep and slept all the way to 6:30 - in China, I can be an early riser (which rarely happens at home).  We had a wonderful breakfast of bacon and eggs - Chinese style :>)  The bacon was boiled, yes, I'm sure - it was boiled.  The eggs were fried, nothing special or weird :>)  There were other, umm, delicacies available that Lois and I decided not to partake of ...  Though we did enjoy the noodles and fried rice.  While we were waiting for Molly to come to the Hotel, we wondered around looking for a 3-prong adapter for the AC adapter for the computer.  On the way, we found a McDonalds and decided it would be a welcome diversion for breakfast in the morning :>)  Molly and Wu Yi (her 4 year old daughter) took us to Yu Yuan, a very famous and old section of Shanghai, that is filled with restaurants and shops of all kinds.  Below is a picture of Lois, Molly and Wu Yi, followed by a picture of one of the streets in Yu Yuan.

Though Wu Yi is 4, Lois and I enjoyed practicing what it might be like in a few days (especially Lois).  She is quite a bundle of energy and reminded us that we're going to have quite a job keeping up with Hannah.  It is now late afternoon and Molly and Wu Yi have left to rest.  We will see them again in the morning and brave the Shanghai Expo - should be quite an experience ...  Have a blessed day - we have!


Virginia said...

Sounds like you had a nice visit. Wu Yi is a cutie! It's nice that you have them to keep you busy so you don't have too much time to get a little crazy with anticipation. We climbed the Great Wall, visited Tian An Men Square, the Forbidden City AND Olypmic park all in one day before meeting Kerry, which was good because I was very close to losing my mind anticipation, ha ha. I hope you guys have a great day visiting some more. Can't wait to see photos from your adventures at the Expo.

Gin =)

Sherrill said...

I'm so excited for you and David! What fun you're having as you wait for Hannah! If you see (or talk with) Molly after you get this, please tell her hi for me and that I'd love to see her again.