Friday, May 28, 2010

Rainy Day in Shanghai

David here. Well, it turned out to be a cold, rainy, dreary kind of day here in Shanghai. We also got a call this morning that Wu Yi was not feeling well and she and Molly would stay home, so we decided not to go to the Expo. Instead, Lois and I went to NanJing Street - a famous shopping street here in Shanghai. It was quite an adventure as we braved the Metro, after getting instructions from the Hotel (it took us a few minutes to communicate what we were trying to do with the Hotel staff, but they finally understood and were very helpful). The Metro seemed to be very clean and fairly easy to navigate. NanJing was busy and crowded - but it has changed tremendously in the 8 years since I was last here. On my previous visit, NanJing was filled with Touristy-type shops with all kinds of Chinese Souvenirs/Trinkets; they have since gone through quite the upgrade. It is now mostly upscale shoping (think Lacoste, Guess, Omega, Cartier, an entire shopping mall of upscale kids clothes, ...). So, we wandered around, had some noodles for lunch, then came back to the Hotel for a xiuxi (pronounced show-she, think siesta). I did take one picture of NanJing Street ...

Molly did call us around 5:30 and said Wu Yi was feeling much better and would we like to meet them for dinner. Of course we said yes, then off on another adventure. Apparently, 6:00 is taxi driver switching hour - it took us quite a while to find one, and then help him to understand where we wanted to go (the first taxi we hailed didn't understand us and we had to let him go - it's always an adventure here :>) We did finally connect with Molly and Wu Yi and had a nice dinner. Then I decided to practice my videography skills and also practicing uploading video for next week :>) So, here is a short clip of Wu Yi at her best ;>)  (side note:  I have decided to upload our videos to youtube and embed them here - if you have a chance to view this video, please send me a quick email/comment to let me know how the video plays in the states - I want to be sure you guys have good video when the time comes :>)

And a final picture of Lois, Molly and Wu Yi. It has been good to see Molly, and Lois has had a great time reconnecting with her, sharing with her and spending time with Wu Yi.  But now, it is time to move on to Nanchang and get ready for Hannah Grace!


Chris said...

Hey David and Lois,

Video played great here, very clear!!!!!

Virginia said...

I'm glad Wu Yi is feeling better, cute clip! Sounds like you had a fun day. We really hope to go back to China in a few years.

Gin =)

Jamie said...

The video looks and sounds great. So excited for you! Waiting and praying!
Jamie Hammond