Monday, June 04, 2012

Gotcha Day Videos!

Hello all, David here.  I never got around to posting our Gotcha day videos, so I thought I would do that while the kids nap.  Here is Andrew's grand entrance into the Civil Affairs office in Guiyang.

And this is just a few moments later with Lois breaking the ice with stickers.  That is his foster mom and dad in the background, and Molly (Lois' friend) to the left in the purple top.

After finishing all of the paperwork, we headed back to the hotel for a little while before heading out for dinner.  This was taken at the hotel - playing with the beach ball in the room.

The next day we needed to complete more paperwork back at the civil affairs office.  Hannah and Andrew found a small wheel chair in the office and Hannah was pushing Andrew around in it.


mamarachael said...

Exciting stuff! I hope to meet both Hannah and Andrew some day.

Pam and Bob said...

It's 7pm Wed GZU time now. Hope Andrew's passport and visa are in your hands now.
pray that the trip home is as uneventful as that trip can be.
Thursday will be busy...