Saturday, January 30, 2010

We Have New Pictures!

God has given us an extra blessing in the form of new pictures! In the picture above, Hannah is on the left. How did we get them? Well, the little girl on the right is Kerry. She was matched early last year with a family who sent a disposable camera to the orphanage in a care package. Her caretakers took pictures of her and returned the camera to Kerry's family who brought her home last June. The pictures were taken some time last April, and Kerry's mom, Gin, posted them on the day we were matched. A few days after we were matched, we joined a Yahoo group for families who have adopted from the orphanage that is caring for Hannah. While David was looking through the photos that other families have posted, he found the pictures with Hannah in them.

In the pictures, Kerry is 13 months old and Hannah is 11 months. (Hannah was nine months old in the first pictures we posted, and she is 20 months old now.) They seem to be really good friends. In fact, when Kerry's mom, Gin, showed her one of the pictures, she called Hannah by her Chinese nickname, Nan Nan. We hope to get the two of them together after we bring Hannah home and get settled. I can't tell you what a treasure this is to us. Many families who are adopting from China don't have a lot of pictures of their children. Thank you Gin for sharing the pictures with us! And thank you for praying all of these months for the little girl whose name you didn't know. We are very thankful for the pictures and your prayers!  Enjoy more pictures below.


Virginia said...

I'm so happy that we stumbled across each other on the Yahoo site and that I had these pictures to give you =). I can't wait to finally see Hannah in the arms of her new family.


Nicole said...

What a treasure for you and Hannah to have all of those pictures!!

Sarah said...

Wow, what a blessing to have all these adorable pictures! Congratulations, your daughter is gorgeous!!!
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Felicia said...

I came over from Gin's blog. God is good and His timing is perfect. Congratulations, your daugther is beautiful and I'm sure Hannah and Kerry will be excited to get to see each other again!