Tuesday, January 19, 2010

False Labor

David and I often compare our waiting on the adoption to being pregnant. Recently a friend of ours was comparing our waiting for the list to come out to waiting the last few days of a pregnancy. The due date is really close and the contractions start and stop, but you know you have to wait until the baby is ready to make an appearance. Through it all there is a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Once again there are rumors that the new list of waiting children will be out soon. There is that sense of anticipation and excitement in our household right now. We try not to be too excited, but we both jump whenever the phone rings these days. We just laugh at ourselves, call it false labor, and swallow our disappointment knowing that tomorrow is another day, and God's timing is perfect.

When the list is released and our agency contacts us, we will let you know whether they were able to match us with a child or not. Meanwhile we pray a lot and jump every time the phone rings. Thank you all for praying and being a part of this process with us.

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