Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Little School Girl

This picture was taken of Hannah on August 30, Hannah's first day of school.  She was so excited about going to school, but I think she was more excited about using her purple backpack.  She goes to school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Her teachers, Mrs. Ann and Mrs. Betty Ann, are awesome.  She adores them and has made good friends with her classmates.  She loves school!  And why wouldn't she?  She loves doing anything that involves paint, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, play dough, and especially scissors.  (She can spend hours cutting up paper into "coconut" or "snow.")  She also enjoys going out to the play ground and sliding down the slide.  Every week is something different and every week she has fun and learns all kinds of new and exciting things

This week has been an exceptionally great week.  When I picked her up from school on Tuesday, she was so excited that she was jumping up and down saying, "I have a sign!  I have a sign!" and she did have a sign.  What does it say?  It says that Hannah is the Star Student of her class this weeek.  What does that mean?  Well let me tell you how special it is.  First, we got to put the sign in our yard  so that everyone who might make it to our little cul-de-sac can see she is the star student.  There were a lot of smiles and giggles as she and Papa put out the sign.

Second, Hannah got to be line leader and do all kinds of other special things in class all week. Finally, and best of all, Hannah got to fill the Sound Can! Each week the star students takes home the Sound Can and fills it with things that begin with the letter of the week.  Well Hanna loves filling boxes, bags, cans and baskets with stuff even more than she loves cutting paper. As soon as we walked in the door Tuesday, she began to hunt for items beginning with the letter F to fill her can. Every time she put something in it, she would ask, "Is it full yet?"  She didn't want to stop until she finished filling it even to eat lunch or take a nap, and got mad at me for making her "take a pause" to do those things.

She was so happy with this activity, that before the day was over, she was asking me why she had to take the can back to Mrs. Ann.  Couldn't she just keep it? She finally reluctantly accepted that she was just borrowing it.  As you can see from the photo below, we found quite a few items starting with F.  Can you find these items in the picture?  :)  firetruck, football, flower, flowerpot, fish, fence, family (photo), friends (photo), frog (playing card), French fries, fan, the numbers four and five, the letter F, Florida (magnet), fork, flag, flip flop, and a "Franklin" book.  We included enough Swedish fish for all of the children to have a taste, and finished filling it up by squishing in a stuffed Chick-fil-a cow wearing a fireman's hat and coat.  Hannah was satisfied, and Mrs. Ann said she was very excited to share the things that she had gathered.

Our little girl is growing up into such a big girl!  We love her so much and can't imagine life without her any more.  It is such a joy watching her grow in "wisdom and stature."  Every day we thank God for her and for letting us be the ones who get to help her grow up to be the person He created her to be.

Way to go Hannah! 
We are so proud of you!


Virginia said...

Way to go Hannah! Kerry still loves any container type thing that she can fill with random objects, too.

Gin =)

Cheryl F. said...

Lois, She is so precious...I know you cannot wait to have your other little one in your arms...Blessings
Cheryl F.