Thursday, August 11, 2011


Lincoln, Jonathan (holding Duchess), Hannah, and Kidd

For two weeks, Hannah got to practice having boys in the house.  We had three temporary brothers from Chengdu, China living with us for a couple of weeks.  There English names are Lincoln, and Jonathan, and Kidd.  They even called us Mom and Dad.  We tried to avoid using the word brother when talking to Hannah about them.  We didn't want her to get the idea that brothers come and go because her real brother is coming home to stay! 

Even though we didn't call them brothers, they treated each other like siblings.  They enjoyed playing with each other most of the time, but the boys did like to pester Hannah who had no problem yelling at them to stop or tattling on them to us. Since they left last Monday, however, she has been carrying around a picture of all of them and asking where they are.  She really misses them.  Duchess really misses them.  The house is much quieter, but we all really miss them.  We know that they have to go home to their mamas and papas; so, tomorrow they fly from New York back to China.  We pray that they have a safe journey home and that they always know that God loves them very much.   Here are a few pictures from the two weeks.

Hannah measuring Kidd on her growth chart...

...announcing the astounding results...

...and recording the important stuff!

Making Pizzas

Ready to eat!

Duchess was in heaven while they were here.

At Starr's Mill with Papa.

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The Younger Rachael said...

How fun! I'd be interested to learn how you were able to have these boys stay with you, sounds like a good opportunity, esp for any kids in the house. we had international students stay with us for christmas a few times when the dorms closed and it was great fun and a good learning experience.